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Fish Count

Qualicum Beach Streamkeepers monitor the return of fish to our streams and waterways as the natural habitat is restored.

Most recently, one of our major efforts has been the development of a fish counting process at Grandon Creek.

Fifteen years ago, the construction of the new culvert with fish ladders enabled the return of spawning salmon to Grandon Creek.

Coho SmoltIn the intervening years, spawning coho salmon  have been identified each year in November and December, and young coho smolts have been regularly found in the many pools upstream between Crescent Road and Hoylake Road.  Much work has been done to improve habitat, including the deepening of pools, stabilization of banks and planting of hundreds of native trees and plants to create shade and cover.

This year, Qualicum Beach Streamkeepers are undertaking a count of the number of coho salmon smolt migrating to the sea.

Cutthroat Smolt The fish fence and counting box were installed on March 23 with the assistance of DFO fisheries advisor Dave Davies and fisheries biologist Dave Clough.  The installation will remain in place until early May.

Each day at 9 am, volunteers will open the box and count and measure the fish which have entered the box through the access pipe.  Coho smolt will be released downstream, and resident cutthroat trout will be released up stream.  This lovely cutthroat visited our trap in early May. It is sometimes challenging to distinguish between a Coho smolt and a trout.  One of the distinguishing features of the Coho is the oblong spots along it's side while trout feature a round spot.

Observers are welcome, as are volunteers who wish to participate in the daily count We can be contacted at info@qbstreamkeepers.ca.