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Mission: We are dedicated to protecting and restoring local wild fish habitat.

Little Qualicum River Salmon Toss

Salmon Toss 2019

We were hoping for a great run this year, but, unfortunately, the reports have been of a low return of Chum salmon at the Little Qualicum Hatchery. This is the second year in a row for low returns following a healthy return three years ago. We may see a more abundant return next year, however, there is no way of knowing for sure.

Salmon TossEach year, the riparian ecosystem of the Little Qualicum River is enhanced by the transport and distribution of salmon carcasses along the upstream banks of the river. Over a two day period, volunteers collect salmon carcasses from the river at the fish hatchery, load them onto a truck with the assistance of a conveyor belt and unload them at a number of locations further upstream. Tom Russell shows off his "big catch" in the photo at right. The carcasses provide valuable nutrients for aquatic species and insects which in turn provide food for young fish.

In November 2016, we collected almost 7,300 kilos of Chum Carcasses in our annual salmon toss. They were deposited in the upper watershed of the Little Qualicum River including Whisky and Kincade Creeks.

Shaw TV came out and filmed the process.   Scroll down to view the short video which has been posted to YouTube, giving an overview of the value of this activity by budding media superstars Tom Russell and Peter Drummond, and showing the team in action.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this such a success!!

Unfortunately in 2014 the run of Chum salmon was not sufficent to support a carcass redistribution. However, 2015 was a much more successful year. Click here for a pictorial overview of this event.