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Mission: We are dedicated to protecting and restoring local wild fish habitat.

Beach Creek

It is interesting to see the dynamic water flow out of Beach Creek at the newly constructed Green Shores spit at the foot of Memorial Ave. We have seen the outflow channel move from one side to the other dependant on tide and weather conditions.

Click here to read a fascinating recollection from Rob Bell-Irving of what Beach Creek used to be like not so long ago.

Beach Creek

The lower sections of Beach Creek flowing through the Memorial Golf Course are in sandy soil subject to erosion and sedimentation. Improvements to the stream have included the installation of large woody debris (LWD) at key points to help create pools and provide protection for fish, and the placement and anchoring of native tree trunks along erosion prone banks. Native plants such as ferns and salmonberries have been planted on the banks to provide vegetative cover.

Memorial Golf Course

In the spring of 2012, a team of streamkeepers worked with the Memorial Golf course to design, construct and install an improved water control structure on an existing dam to improve water retention and enhance fish access and egress from the water storage pond on Beach Creek.

Progress at Beach Creek

At a work party on November 24, 2012, we removed 70 plastic sleeves from cedars that were planted 5 or so years ago. The survival rate was outstanding. Note the bio-engineering work done previously on the eroding bank, which is holding very nicely. And note the growth of the previous plantings.



It was noted in September 2017 that silt had built up and was causing inordinately high waters in the lower end of Beach Creek. In order to protect the fish in the pool during the silt removal, Streamkeepers captured and temporarily relocated 48 coho smolt,10 trout and 398 stickleback upstream.  The relocation was completed under the watchful eye of a Fisheries advisor and with the exception of two very wet wader boots, it was a great success.